Interesting books and writers for young adults

Interesting books and writers for young adults

On holidays, I usually turn into a bookworm. Last holiday in Lisbon, too, I was often to be found by the pool with a book in my hands. Since then, I’ve been getting the hang of reading again! What I like most about reading is not only that you get carried away in a story, but also that you build up a relationship with the writer and in some cases you start to appreciate the writer’s style more and more. As a result, you often find yourself wanting to read all the books by the author in question. That’s when you know you’ve got a favourite writer on your hands!

My favourite genres, writers and books!

I don’t know if it can be classified into certain genres, but the books that I like to read are: cheerful, adventurous, present-day and, in most cases, have a happy ending. In recent years, I have found that sad stories do not make me happy, even though they can be beautiful as well. When I read a book, I sometimes want to smile or giggle. This is something I regularly experience with books written by Graeme Simsion, Jojo Moyes and Lisette Jonkman; three authors who are very popular among young adults.

Graeme Simsion

From the people around me, I had already heard a number of times that Graeme Simsion’s books would be super fun to read. Last year during the weekend in Maastricht, I saw Graeme’s first book at the bookshop: The Rosie Project. I decided to buy it. I started reading it in Lisbon and a few days later back in the Netherlands, I had already finished the book. Although I had to get used to the somewhat strange writing style during the first few pages, it was exactly that which I could appreciate the most later on and which, in my opinion, makes the books unique.

Graeme Simsion's book by the pool

The Rosie Project is about Don Tillman, an autistic teacher from Australia. He decides to look for a woman and for this search he draws up a long questionnaire. With the questionnaire he tries to find the perfect woman, until he runs into Rosie! In addition to The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion has written a second book, The Rosie Effect, this is a sequel which of course I cannot tell you too much about, as that would give away the end of the first book. The books are easy to read, fascinating and above all very entertaining! As soon as there is a new book by Graeme Simsion in the bookstores, I will buy it right away!

Jojo Moyes

My favourite book by Jojo Moyes is Me Before You. It was the first book that made me cry during the last chapter, which says something about the intense and compelling writing style. I remember that it took quite a while before I was captivated by the book. But once I did, I could not let go. Me Before You is a love story between Louisa and Will that reminded me a bit of the famous film Intouchables.

Last week, I started reading a second book by Jojo Moyes. The Last Letter from Your Lover is about Ellie who finds a letter from 1960 in the newspaper archives. Because this letter touches a sensitive nerve, she decides to go on a quest to discover the story behind this letter. Once again, I find it a bit difficult to get carried away. But thanks to my previous experience with Jojo Moyes, I am convinced that this will surely happen soon!

Interesting books and writers for young adults

Lisette Jonkman

Dutch author Lisette Jonkman has already written three books. And there is already a fourth on the way, about which, unfortunately, not much is known yet. Just like the books of Graeme Simsion, the books of Lisette Jonkman are very entertaining; in a way that you sometimes have to laugh out loud and the jokes stay with you.

The first book, ‘Glazuur‘, is about Sophie. She decides to turn her life, which is a bit disappointing, around and take control! Book two and three, Verkikkerd en Verslingerd, are about beauty blogger Lucy, her student life, friendships, career and relationship. Lisette’s books are easily accessible and above all very recognisable. Although I’m no longer a student myself, I could still very well put myself in Lucy’s place. Lisette’s fourth novel will be published soon. ‘Denk maar niet dat dit een liefdesliedje is’, has already been given a nice spot at the top of my wish list for Christmas!

What are your favourite writers and books?