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    My favourite vegetarian low carb go-to pasta

    There are days when I like to cook a nice dinner in good company. And there are days when I’m alone and just want something to eat without too much effort. On such days, I often choose to have one of my go-to meals: a meal that is ready in a flash and that I can prepare with my eyes closed. The repertoire of my go-to meals regularly changes. First it was yellow rice with chicken, or wok noodles with vegetables, and now it is a vegetarian pasta, which is also low in carbs!

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    Swedish oat cookies with chocolate

    During one of my Ikea visits, I was given a recommendation for the ‘KAFFEREP’ oat cookies. And not the normal kind, but the ones with a layer of chocolate in between. In Sweden, it is a well-known delicacy, which thankfully is now also available in the Netherlands, or… they can be made yourself! When Ikea was closed a while back and I was craving for the cookies, I decided to give it a try myself. My first try was reasonably successful, but not entirely to my liking. With a few tweaks here and there, I finally managed to come up with a recipe that is very close to the original oat cookies. And maybe they are even more tasty! 😉

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