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    A new job: how it all worked out in the end

    It is a year of extremes. If you had told me at New Year’s that we would be facing a pandemic this year and that I would be sitting at home unemployed, I would probably have laughed in your face. First of all: a pandemic? That only happens in movies. No way that the whole world shuts down overnight. And secondly: if I end up sitting at home unemployed, then something has really gone wrong somewhere. If anyone makes well-considered choices in that area, it’s me. So a pandemic and unemployment? No, I don’t see that happening any time soon. Boy, was I wrong…

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    The week that was meant to be different

    Today would be my last day off for the time being. Tomorrow my alarm clock would not go off at seven o’clock, but earlier. Amstelveen is not just around the corner. I would be on the train with a strange feeling in my belly, of both excitement and enthusiasm. On my way to my first day at KLM: the start of a new chapter.

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    Living in a world with the coronavirus, without a job…

    Strange, isn’t it, when the world suddenly looks completely different from one day to the next…? It’s an unpleasant period that we all have to overcome, and we will. I’m sure of that. But the fact that we don’t know how much longer it will take, sometimes makes me a little nervous… And that while we are only two weeks underway.

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