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    Five hundred days after the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes

    Yesterday it was five hundred days since my diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. At times it feels like I’ve had diabetes for years, but at the same time it feels like yesterday. A few days ago I looked back at the first article I wrote about diabetes. I scrolled through it a bit but didn’t feel the need to read what I had written then. That’s crazy, isn’t it? Not much later the penny dropped. This was typical ostrich behaviour. Not wanting to feel again what I felt back then.

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    Acceptance of diabetes; one month after the diagnosis

    In the past few weeks, I have received many heart-warming messages. Both online and offline. Only less than eight hours after being admitted to the hospital, my friend Irenka was standing in front of me with a balloon. When I got back home I received a number of cards, e-mails and comments on my articles, even though it was sometimes difficult to find the right words. Thank you all so much again, I really appreciate it so much! Often I was told that I am so brave, that I am doing so well and that I am dealing with it in such a positive way and people were a bit shocked when I told them that I was already back at work again.

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    The diagnosis of diabetes; an emotional rollercoaster

    I would love to thank everyone personally for their kind and encouraging messages, but that would take me a while. So hereby, thank you all very much. I appreciate it enormously and had never expected so many kind replies. It does feel a bit silly, because I still feel like I’m in a kind of phase of denial. Yes, I have diabetes, I know. And that is it. Apart from that, I try to think about it as little as possible.

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    The diagnosis of diabetes; hello from the hospital

    It is now half past seven and I am sitting upright in my automatically adjustable bed. Next to me there are two friendly ladies. I think so, I haven’t spoken to them yet so maybe they are not friendly at all. Anyway, they can snore like the best of them. Although I have tried to put in my earplugs, that didn’t help much. I am woken up every few hours for measurements and in between I sometimes feel very sad, because it is just too much.

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